Empowering people with disabilities

Examples of People We Assist

Several people with different disabilities are using computers with assistive technology and other assistive technology devices in our Computer Lab.

A veteran who is a quadriplegic and works in an office benefits from the qualified caregiver that he found through us.

A person with low income and disabilities receives our list of available housing.

A widow who is elderly and paraplegic meets our advocate at the Social Security Office to get help with filing her claim.

Numerous parents of children with disabilities throughout Riverside county have our advocates assist them with IEPs, assessments, and other issues that arise regarding their children's education.

One woman with a mental health disability is glad that the Peer Support Group meets at her apartment complex.

A high school teacher who is a wheelchair user applies for assistance with a threshold ramp through our Residential Accessibility Modification Program.

Please take a little time to view of this moving video of just one individual and how he copes with his day to day living with his disabilities...

A Day in the Life of Richard Devylder

Community Access Center Never Charges A Fee For Services Provided.

We Advocate for you!

Investigation of discrimination claims and mediation on behalf of people with disabilities in order to resolve conflicts that impede the attainment of needed benefits and services.