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Welcome to the Community Access Center (CAC) Website

The Community Access Center is a non-profit organization and one of 29 similar programs throughout the state of California. CAC is a community resource, advocate, and educator for Riverside County residents with disabilities.

Since its establishment, CAC has achieved community recognition and has substantially expanded its services. As a result of our efforts, a branch office opened in 1997 in Indio, with funding from the Department of Education, to serve the Coachella Valley region of Riverside County. To better serve the Coachella Valley region, CAC relocated its offices to Palm Desert in 2006. This was in response to the needs of residents in this rural area, especially the parents of children with disabilities who do not speak English. This office has had a large impact on that under-served region of the county.

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Community Access Center Services

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Paying for college is a complicated process for any aspiring student. It’s a process that raises a ton of questions: What’s a Pell Grant? What’s a Perkins Loan? Do I have to pay anything back? For students with disabilities, those questions are even more complicated. The good news: a disability is not an impediment to a college education. There are plenty of resources for those who need help applying and paying for it.

This guide, designed to work with assistive technology, can help you find these resources. Aspiring students with disabilities can use our table of contents to find the best scholarships for them. At the bottom of the page, we also list some tips on how to get federal and private aid.

Our Mission

The mission of the Community Access Center is to empower people with disabilities to control their own lives, create an accessible community, and advocate for their complete social, economic, and political integration.

We implement this vision by providing information, supportive services, and independent living skills training.

The primary purpose of the Community Access Center is to empower consumers with disabilities by providing services and information to support them in making choices that will positively affect their independence.

CAC will accomplish this through a social-rehabilitation model. The Center serves all people with physical and mental disabilities regardless of race, ancestry, religion, age, marital status, sexual preference, gender, and/or income.


Milestone – 100th Ramp Installation

Community Access Center is thrilled to inform our readers of a milestone reached in less than one year. Thanks to Office On Aging and the Fall Prevention Program, CAC was able to assist 100 individuals by removing barriers and giving them complete accessibility to the simple things that you and I take for granted such as entering and exiting their homes without assistance from a care giver or a family member when desired.

The Independent Living Program

Centers for Independent Living are community-based, cross-disability, non-profit organizations that are designed and operated by people with disabilities. CILs are unique in that they operate according to a strict philosophy of consumer control, wherein people with all types of disabilities directly govern and staff the organization.


The Centers for Independent Living provide:

America is home to:

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Make a Difference!

To sustain our work, the CAC needs your financial support. Let’s change the lives of and empower thousands of children and adults together. We thank you for your support.

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