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Empowering People With Disabilities...


We provide the following Services:

     Systems Change Advocacy

This is defined as outreach and educational activities designed to raise awareness of both needs and capabilities of persons with disabilities. This education is targeted primarily at legislators, public officials, County and State employees of programs, and other decision-makers. The aim of this service is to create equal access and community integration for individuals living and working in Riverside County. This program also includes disaster planning for the disabled and seniors of Riverside County as well as ADA compliance reviews of businesses and emergency shelters.


Staff and volunteers provide advice and support for consumers who are finding it difficult to address disability related issues. This support is provided one-on-one, in educational trainings, individual counseling, and group discussions. Group activities are provided in both English and in Spanish.


Workshops and trainings are provided to consumers who allow them the opportunity to utilize technology. Service Providers can also assist with acquiring the assistive technology through funding and/or exchange. Classes are available for computer evaluation and training using adaptive software.

TEC Center: The Technology Evaluation Computer Center is designed for community members with disabilities to use adaptive software and equipment to access the computer and Internet. The TEC Center has over 40 software applications designed for individuals with disabilities. Classes with instruction and assessment are also available.

      Senior Low Vision Programs

This program will teach Independent Living Skills, modifications to home appliances, advocacy and inclusion in community activities. In-home training is available.


Staff in this project attend Individualized Education Plans (IEP) meetings. They also work with parents of children with mainstreaming, Health Intervention Plans (504 Plan), and assistive technology programs.


We are proud to announce the inclusion of disaster planning to our programs. In the near future we will start holding workshops to help seniors and people with disabilities plan and prepare for a disaster. The workshops will be held by an advocate certified by FEMA and Homeland security in disaster planning for people with special needs.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Reviews

Community Access Center's Staff are experienced in the regulations regarding access and building codes can assess sites including emergency shelters for compliance with ADA standards.

Consumer Rights Notification

Every consumer of the Community Access Center has the right to appeal any decision which denies you service. (NOTE: The appeal must follow certain guidelines and time limitations; ask your service provider for a copy of the procedure).

If you desire representation in addressing your concerns/dissatisfaction with the Community Access Center (CAC), you have the right to contact the Client Assistance Program (CAP) for assistance. Contact the CAP at 1 (800) 776-5746, (and for the hearing impaired their TTY 1 (800) 576-9269), and you will be referred to a Client Assistance Program not connected with CAC. This will prevent any potential conflict of interest.




We Advocate for you!

Investigation of discrimination claims and mediation on behalf of people with disabilities in order to resolve conflicts that impede the attainment of needed benefits and services.

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